Cadillacs & Dinosaurs


Play Cadillacs and Dinosaurs Mustapha Mame CPS2 Online Emulator in Browser

Cadillacs and Dinosaurs  is the game released by Capcom for CPS2 arcade machines in 1993. The game is a beat’em up and there are 4 charecters Jack, Hannah, Mess and Mustapha. Some poeple calls the game as Mustapha because the most played character in this game is him. Like the similar games Finan Fight, Captain Commando etc. we choose one character and try to find the boss kicking the boss’s men. Every level has a boss and at the final stage we beat the biggest boss.

As seen on the game picture, Cadillacs and Dinosaurs can be played up to 3 players.

On this level we use the Cadillac and kick the bad men with our car.

Thanks for playing, enjoy it!!!

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