Street Fighter III 3rd Strike


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During the existence of the Dreamcast, Capcom has been releasing a whole lot of their best titles ever created like Power Stone, Tech Romancer, Street Fighter Alpha 3, Marvel VS Capcom, JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure, Resident Evil: Code Veronica, and more ! When the Street Fighter III series came out starting with Double Impact, it has made every SF fan’s dream come true and when Third Strike came out a year after Double Impact, it was agreed that it was one of the greatest SF titles among the series, according to the fans. Some people would say it’s the worst Street Fighter ever, or as always, just another Street Fighter game. Whoever doubts this game or gives it a low score, is totally out of their mind. Street Fighter III: Third Strike in my opinion, is still revolutionary and arcade perfect even today. The graphics look even better than that of the two Street Fighter III titles featured in Double Impact. There are barely any pixels and the characters move at a smooth framerate. Furthermore, most characters look like they’re featured in an anime. The backgrounds and special effects look great but some stages look kinda dull. The audio is improved and better than ever. The background music is pumped up with techno and hip-hop. It even has their own rap song about the game itself which sounds fairly catchy. The sound effects during fights still sound like the ones from the other SF3 series like the hitting and the hyper sound of executed super moves. The gameplay is much improved over the other Street Fighter III games and the fighting engine is much better. Now you can parry in any direction, even in the air. Plus, you get an arsenal of new moves for each character, but not all of them. The controls still remains faithful to the SF3 series, but it has more variety than the other SF fighting engines. And finally, in one of the Bonus Stages during the Arcade mode, you can hit an SUV Truck until it explodes. This was an old element featured in Street Fighter II where you hit a car in both directions. Now it’s featured in this game. And you still get the Parrying stage where Sean throws numerous red, white, and blue Basketballs. When it comes to a selection of characters, it doesn’t get any better than this. You still get classic characters like Ryu, Ken, Akuma, Yun, Yang, Alex, Dudley, Urien, Oro, Necro, Elena, Sean, Ibuki, and Hugo. Plus some new characters like Q, Remy, Twelve, Makoto, and the triumphant return of the first lady of Street Fighter, Chun-Li. So in the end, Street Fighter III: Third Strike is one of the greatest 2D fighters ever known in the Dreamcast’s library of 2D fighting games. If you never bought this one, you have already missed out on one of the greatest 2D fighters, and you’ll have to wait a little longer for a used version to arrive at your retailer. But by all means, if you still like Street Fighter, Third Strike will not dissappoint.

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