Pokemon – Ruby Version (USA)

Play Pokemon Ruby Version Online Emulator for Gameboy Advance GBA in Browser

Just to start off, this game is essentially the same as Pokemon Sapphire, for those of you who are new to Pokemon. There are some differences, such as who the bad guys are and what Pokemon you can collect, but if you’re just starting out with the series, don’t worry about that. In the Pokemon games, you start off by choosing to be a boy or a girl, and then you get right into the game. The goal here is to capture wild Pokemon by battling them. Then, you train them so they will be strong enough to fight other trainers’ Pokemon,
Pokemon Ruby is a great new addition to the Pokemon family, anyone who enjoyed any of the other Pokemon games will love this one just as much. Even if you are just starting out with the Pokemon games, this is a great way to get in on the action. Ruby has more than 200 all-new Pokemon to capture, updated graphics, new battle styles and tons of other great features.
At its heart, this is an RPG, so if you hate them, stay away from this game. Of course, if you love RPG’s, this is a great game for you. The graphics are also wonderful for an RPG on the Game Boy advance. It plays just like the previous Pokemon games (looking in a 2D-like position over your character, but that’s pretty good, considering this game is going to take you a VERY long to beat), but now there are added effects such as rain and volcanic ash.
The sound is (thankfully) much better than that of the previous games. The soundtrack fits the game and is pleasant to listen to (if you play for hours on end though, it can get kind of annoying, but that’s why you can the sound off).
The most notable new battle mode is the battles where you can have two of your Pokemon battle at once. You can use this to get a good advantage over your opponent by using different type Pokemon together.
And then there is the multiplayer function (you’re going to need a game link cable and another game pack, however). You can battle your friend’s Pokemon in head-to-head battles, and even trade Pokemon with each other. You can’t trade Pokemon with any of the Game Boy Color games though.
New graphics
New battle modes
Hundreds of new Pokemon
Can take a while to get from one place to another
Wild Pokemon get really annoying when they attack you every five seconds
This is definatly an excellent addition to the Pokemon family. RPG and Pokemon fans alike will love this game (you’re going to be staying up late playing this one).

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