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This game is incredibly fun!
I’m not a golfer. I also don’t play golf games on the PC, on a console, in a house, with a mouse… you get the idea. I saw all the great reviews of this on different game sites and thought I’d give it a try. After all, it was made by Camelot, the same designers who did the outstanding Golden Sun games for the GBA.
Rather than just being about playing golf, you get to spend time talking to other golfers, finding secrets, playing minigames, getting custom tickets so you can pick up special clubs, and gaining experience to improve your abilities. You have a partner in the game too and have to balance out spending experience points on your own character and on your partner. Get too good yourself and you’ll be slammed on doubles play.
This game is simple to play and hard to master. You can perform the basic commands easily, but can really customize how you hit the ball, the spin you give it and more. You can make each shot as complex as you want to.
Mario Golf is a really really fun game. I thought I’d just play a few holes and haven’t put it down for three days. This is a must have, up there with my top 5 games for GBA – Advance Wars 2, Golden Sun 2, WarioWare, Final Fantasy Tactics and now Mario Golf.

As the owner of over a dozen golf games for Nintendo, Super Nintendo, etc., I must say that this is easily the most addictive…

The graphics are very easy on the eye and a cool Mode 7 feature allows you to follow behind your ball as it flies through the air. Simple and easy to read…that’s more important on a game where you’re trying to concentrate your button timing anyway. The sound is so-so, nothing fancy, but I still tend to hum it a little when I’m not playing…Some voice comments from the players add to the thrill of the game.
This is the whole reason for getting this game! Unlike other golf games in which you win and throw it in the corner for a while, this one it more of a Golf RPG. You spend time unlocking secrets and building up your character to be the best! You’re looking at a game that should give you your money’s worth…
This would be my only concern for this game — I won the first four tournaments on the first try — granted, I’m a golf nut, but most of them were runaways. I’m afraid that those looking for a great challenge may fall short of expectations here. Some side games are a little challenge, but the main games are rather easy.
This is one of the easiest setups I’ve seen for golf, yet your able to do so much. Top spin, back spin, hooks, slices, etc. call all be accomplished, but without mashing 6 buttons at once. A little tough to time at first, but easy to learn and get used to…
What a unique game…the RPG Golf theme gives this a nice twist that makes it both fun for golfers and for adventurers. Despite the easy challenge in areas, it still provides hours of enjoyment and fun/coloful graphics for its audience. For those looking for a good game to whip out for 5 minutes at a time or sit down and play for a few hours — highly recommended!

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