Mario Tennis – Power Tour

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This game is incredibly fun! You have a choice of going on a power tour, Playing an exhibition game, or do some training. The good thing about power tour is that you make your own character and use him to go up ranks in Junior, Senior, and Varsity classes. If you were successful with those, you take a trip to the island open. If you win the island open, Mario invites you to Peach’s arena which is up in the clouds, and play unstoppable exhibition games.

The good thing about Exhibition games is that that you a variety of choices after you’ve completed the power tour. You have Mario, Luigi, Peach, Waluigi, Donkey Kong, Bowser, any players you’ve made, and kids that you’ve beaten during the power tour. You can choose doubles or singles”(Doubles is much more fun)”. Your opponents’ or partner’s skills could be be Novice, Intermediate, Expert, and Pro.


-A lot of characters
-A lot of varieties
-You could do training to build up your character
-you could choose 4 different levels for your opponents
-you can choose 5 different kinds tennis courts
-the power tour is so adventurous
-Characters have power ups


-Exhibition does’nt have Yoshi or Wario
-You can’t have Two against one
-the power tour characters are really stupid looking

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