King of Fighters 2000

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I have been a fan of the King Of Fighters series since KOF ’96. I was always one of the small group of geeks who pump quarters into the MVS cabinents, while others were decapitating people with Kano. Anyway, I fell in love with this series because of the great moves, and the rewarding system that came only with patience and practice.
Either way, to make a long story short, I stopped playing video games. Around 2001 I restarted and got me a cheap Dreamcast. Thats where I feel back in love with 2-D fighters.

To my surprise, SNK was returning to the states with with the 2 in 1 game of King of Fighters. Honestly, this was my first time ever playing this game. I had heard of 2000 and 2001, but never had a chance to play it, working with inferior computer hardware, and not having enough money to get it on Neo-Geo. I was skeptical about the PS2 conversion.
First, the graphics in 2000 are horid. They are extremely blurry. However, within 5 minutes of gameplay, you’ll forget all about the crappy graphics. The animation is awesome to say the least. Which is really a shame, because of the unresponsive controls. I found myself having problems pulling off such simple motions as qcf x2. Although you can get the SDMs out, sometimes they miss. And is a long way from becoming second nature when it comes to combos. Playmore did a horrible job with the controls that they bring down the gameplay. And this weird things is, they completely took out any options for the analog control.
Pick up a joystick for this game, or else your are going to cringe in frustration. The presentation in 2000 is pretty bad. The menus would be unintuitive for even an old SNES game. Thankfully 2001 decided to add more spice. However 2001 has much worse graphics. The rendered 3-d backgrouds look out of place with the 2-d sprites in the foreground. As to what game has a superior fighting system, its up in the air. I personally enjoyed 2001 alot better than 2000.
There are over 35 players per each game. And I must admit, Angel and May Lee are my favorites. Both characters may take a while to master. The same is true with the other characters, but I tend to gravitate to less acessible characters.
This game is definitely worth a rental. If you are a 2-D fighting fan, you should own this game. My score goes down because of the PS2 dual shock controller.

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