Art of Fighting 2

Play Art Of Fighting 2 MAME SNK Arcade Online Emulator in Browser

Art of Fighting was never that good a series in the first place. It had poor strike resolution, EXTREMELY demanding joystick control (you need to be REALLY accurate with the fireball, dragon punch motions, etc., to get the specials out at all), almost no combos, and ungodly cheap CPU characters.

AoF had a small following but for the vast majority of fighting game fans it was always the game that you played if the local pizza shop or candy store didn’t carry SF or MK. It was an innovator in the genre because it was the first to introduce a separate power bar for specials and a desperation move (though some will argue that those features were introduced in other games such as Crossed Swords, they were never in any head to head fighting game until this one), and the zooming display. But its animation is jerky, the zoom is very heavyhanded and tends to be disorienting, and the game mechanics were just not that good overall.

SNK didn’t put out a really good fighter that was competitive with the SF and MK franchises until Samurai Shodown. Fatal Fury wasn’t even that good until FFII.

Some of the fans out there will enjoy this because it’s a fairly complete and faithful port, but honestly — the game was never that good to begin with, and the benefits of buying this game on a new system will mostly be for nostalgia only.

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