Mario vs. Donkey Kong Advance

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Donkey Kong vs. Mario is more of a reminder of the Donkey Kong game released on the Gameboy in 1994. Interestingly enough, this combines the best of puzzles with action adventure and that means that the game will not only be fun, but addictive.
Donkey Kong vs. Mario begins with Donkey Kong watching TV and he sees an advertisement for the famous toy that everybody wants. A Mini-Mario. DK decides he wants one but when the toystore is sold out he goes into a rage and decides to steal some instead. Now as Mario you have to go and retrieve all the dolls that Donkey Kong has stolen.
The game presents puzzle mixed with Action/Adventure. It also has six worlds with eight levels each. Each level begins with Mario having to find a key in the first room, and the stolen Mario doll in the next. The first room is a straight out find the key. When you do its much like Super Mario Bros. 2 in which you have to pick up the key. In the next room you’ve got to dodge obstacles and enemies to get to the Mario doll.
DK vs. Mario has gameplay very similar to Super Mario Bros. 2. In fact, the enemies come from SMB2 and you can pick them up and throw them. That’s not all, Mario has lots of moves he can pull off. Not the same old “jumpman” anymore. Now he can do backflips, hang and balance on telephone wires and do headstands. The headstands prevent damage from falling objects. Mario can also hang on vines like in Donkey Kong Jr.
Each world has seven levels. The first six are always straightforward puzzles. But the seventh level of every world Mario has to lead the rescued Mini dolls to a toy chest. This sounds easy but you must protect the dolls. They can be harmed by natural objects and enemies in the levels. In the eighth level you fight DK.
At first the game seems short. Considering the first few worlds are easy and the levels go by very fast. But after you complete the sixth world you unlock six MORE worlds with six levels each. These levels present more of a challenge.
So there is a lot to do in the game but as I said, the game really oes present little replay. Since the game is a puzzle, the puzzles aren’t as fun to solve the second time around, especially considering you won’t have to think becuase you already know.
The graphics are actually beautiful and look astonishing. Sometimes they look a little blocky but they’re a reminder of the graphics on the GBA version of Donkey Kong Country, only more crisp and clear.
The sound is very good. Great tunes for the levels. But as with a lot of Mario games on the GBA you’ll probably get tired of Mario screaming, grunting, groaning and all that stuff. In fact, Mario’s voice is more annoying than usual in this game. At least the music in the levels will eventually drown out Mario’s voice. It’s too bad that you can’t turn it off.
Overall Donkey Kong vs. Mario is a remarkably fun game. The puzzles are fun and addictive. What the game lacks in replayability more than makes up for the amount of time you’ll spend on it.

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