Street Fighter Alpha 3

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Street Fighter Alpha 3 is the culmination of everything Capcom had worked towards with their fighting games. Everyone knows Capcom has the habit of sticking to similar concepts for several games in a row (Mega Man, Resident Evil, etc), but in no other case has the last game in a series before a major change been so fulfilling.

Street Fighter Alpha 3 is (in my opinion) the best Street Fighter game available (including the recently-released SF2 HD Remix). The gameplay is a blend of the slow-paced and strategic Street Fighter 2 and the more varied and frenetic Alpha series. Air combos, alpha counters, and flashy finishing moves combine with superior character balancing and deep fighting strategy.

The main “arcade” experience can be brutally hard, as it would be in the wishes of any Street Fighter fan. The two-player experience is also extremely fun, as players new to the Alpha series can choose different fighting modes, one of which (X-ism) is more aligned with classic SF2 balancing. Other modes include A-ism, the Alpha standard, and V-ism, a mode that enhances a player’s ability to chain standard and special moves together for lethal damage.

Alpha 3 introduced an incredible World Tour mode, enabling players to tour the world (if you will) fighting various characters under various conditions. These tasks may be as simple as defeating an opponent to as complex as defeating three opponents with only super combo moves whilst your character is low on health. Completing these objectives unlock abilities that can be linked to your character, such as automatic blocking, taking zero damage while blocking, infinite guard, and more. On top of that, characters built up during World Tour mode are playable in other many of the other modes.

The other gameplay modes include training, boss battle, survival, and more. Two-player battles can also accommodate multiple player characters, in both versus and cooperative (ie P1 and P2 vs C1 and C2, or P1 and P1 vs P2 and P2). Two-player back in the days of SSF2:Turbo was the only way to play, but Alpha 3 dramatically increased the available options for single players. These lend towards the game’s long life, as one player can play in various modes ranging from standard arcade style to fighting bosses to survival mode and more.

In essence, Street Fighter Alpha 3 defines fighting games of the Playstation era. It is a smooth balance of speed and strategy. Though the graphics are dated by today’s standards, two-dimensional games tend to age gracefully, and this game is no exception. Street Fighter fans owe it to themselves to own a copy of Alpha 3, if not to check a popular franchise’s history, then to own the best Street Fighter game ever made.

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