Pokemon Mystery Dungeon – Red Rescue Team

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If you a big Pokemon fan, I would suggest getting this game. The difference between the regular games (Red/Blue, Yellow/Green, Diamond/Pearl/Platinum, Silver/Gold, Ruby/Sapphire, etc) is that in this game you become a Pokemon which caused by an incident. You travel from one cave to another just like when you were a trainer going to Gym to Gym. You can recruit other Pokemon along the way and have them travel behind you to help you along the way.

In the beginning you are asked random questions that will led to which ever Pokemon you will become. Based on your answers you will be that character for the rest of the game. Some Pokemon types you will become are: fire, water, ground, grass, or flying.

The Good:
-You still level up and learn new moves just like the older games.
-Can switch the leader of the group (If you have a tag along you can make them in front)
-Get rewarded for finishing caves and missions set my other Pokemons
-If you know your elemental skills, you will go far
-It features all past game’s Pokemon

The Bad:
-Some caves are longer/bigger than others such as one will be 5 or 6 floors as others are 99 floors
-Random maps within the caves so if you go back to it, the stairs will be in another spot

-To unlock some locations you have to find a key or another main item that could be anywhere within the cave. After that you can unlock locations for the Legendary Pokemons

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