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Back in 1995, it looked like Capcom was running out of ideas for its cash crop known as Street Fighter. There were already 5 different installments of Street Fighter 2 (World Warrior, Champion Edition, Turbo, SSF2, and SSF2 Turbo). The idea of a Street Fighter 2 PREQUEL was born and here is Street Fighter Alpha. SFA brings in the classic SF2 characters (Ryu, Ken, Chun Li, Sagat, and M.Bison), 2 characters that were present in Street Fighter 1 but were not playable (Birdie and Adon), imports 2 characters from Final Fight (Sodom and Guy), and introduces 4 new characters (Rose, Charlie, Dan, and Akuma). Many of the new characters are tied somehow to SF2 characters (Charlie was Guile’s best friend, Sagat killed Dan’s father, Adon was Sagat’s disciple, you get the idea).

The Super Combo is back in all of its multi-hit, shadow-trailing glory. This game takes the concept of the Super Combo (introduced by SSF2 Turbo) and takes it up a notch. Now, characters have 2 or more Super Combos, and the Super Meter has 3 levels. All of the classic characters have either beefed up or additional Special Moves.

The music is basically J-pop/jazz/house remixes of SF2 music, but it sounds pretty good, and the animation is much different but much better than the old animation. The SFA animation looks more anime-like (as it should). This game was definitely a step in the right direction.

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