Mortal Kombat – Deadly Alliance

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Sadly, I was one of the few who played Mortal Kombat Advance when it first came out based on the fact that I was a big fan of the series and craved a Mortal Kombat game to play on the go. Considering as to how the Gameboy Advance is geared more towards to 2-D style gameplay; I figured, at the time, that Mortal Kombat Advance would be a killer game to play on the system. Instead, it was downright mess. It was unresponsive and played nothing like the console game it was based upon(Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, which is the MK game that got me hooked). So, when Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance came out, I was extremely hesitant to even try the game. Even with reading reviews on it, I still felt it wouldn’t be any good and put off buying it. I felt that, since all the other handheld versions of MK that came out weren’t too good, this game wouldn’t be to good.

Well, recently, I purchased Tekken Advance and was blown away at the fact that Namco was able to bring the game to Gameboy Advance and it actually play just like the console version. So, I asked one of the employees at the place where I purchase my videogames at if there were any games like Tekken that played with a more 3-D feel to it and he suggested Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance. Again, I bulked. “I don’t know…” I told him, “I’ve been duped too many times to be taken again on buying a Mortal Kombat game. I don’t want to waste my money.” So, to sell me on the game, he let me try it out for a few minutes on my system. I’m glad he did because it’s the absolute best Mortal Kombat game I’ve ever played on a handheld. Screenshots really don’t do the game justice…you have to see it in motion.

The game has 12 playable characters, and plays almost exactly like the console versions. It has plenty to unlock..additional costumes, arenas, and whatnot. The game has survival and two-player link modes like in most other fighting games, as well as night vision and psychedelic modes.

I’m glad we’ve finally got a Mortal Kombat game worth playing on a handheld. It’s fun, addictive, and finally gives me faith that a good Mortal Kombat game can be played on a handheld. So much so, that I’m looking forward to playing Mortal Kombat Deception Unchained on the Playstation Portable once it comes out. If only we could sweet talk Midway into making a proper Mortal Kombat Trilogy or Mortal Kombat Gold for the handhelds, those were my two most favorite games.

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