TheLegend of Zelda – A Link to the Past

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Legend of Zelda, The – A Link to the Past is excellent any way you put it. I remember playing it for the first time about 12 or 13 years ago (yeah that IS a very long time), and I thought it was just the greatest thing ever. The graphics were supurb and even to this day they look beautiful. Though they don’t stand up to ps2 graphics…it really doesn’t matter with these old-skool games. I’m not a graphics kind of guy and never was, so it doesn’t affect me, but if you are really into high tech graphics and haven’t played this, i doubt you will like it. Don’t get me wrong, some games with more high tech graphics are good, but this game (along with many others on SNES) proove that graphics don’t make any game. But then again I don’t play or own a playstation 2, so that’s just how I see it. My views on videogames are rather conservative. If you are still under 16 and haven’t played this game I doubt you will like it though, as it doesn’t appeal to younger payers any more due to it’s old school design that kids tend not to appreciate these days. But that doesn’t mean kids won’t like it. I just think people who have played it in the early 90s are mainly the ones who will enjoy it nowdays, unless you’re a Zelda fanatic but haven’t played this one yet, or if you like older games but haven’t gotten around to getting this one yet. The music on this game is also very good, although the dungeon music can get very tedius and annoying, it’s not that bad. The world music is classic, though and after you play it enough it will be ringing in your ears.

Gameplay also doesn’t get much better, you get a whole arsenal of items. Much more than any other Zelda yet. This game is basically the game that set the standards for all other adventure games, sometimes even RPGs. Another thing you might like about this game is that it is not way too time consuming, if you have a life to attend to you can do so while keeping up with the game as well.

Even though I like really long games, this game is short in a good way. But the first time you play it , it will probably take more than 10 hours to beat, at least. If you get all the heart containers it will take even more. There isn’t a lot of text in this game either, there’s talking sequences but they usually end pretty quick…All in all this game is classic, and if you haven’t played it-that’s your mistake. Playing this game and hearing it’s music after years really brings back those great childhood memories. Even to this day this game looks better to me than most new games. It just has that aura. I highly recommend this to any one into adventure games or RPGs that has a taste for the classics, or anyone who likes SNES or NES games.

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