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Gunstar Heroes is a shoot and run game, published by Sega in 1993 for Sega Genesis (Megadrive). Some characters from the anime Nadia, the secret of the blue water make an appearance in the game: Hanson, Sanson and Grandis.

Gunstar Heroes appeared on the arcade Sega Mega Play in 1993 and was adapted on the portable console Game Gear the March 24 , 1995in Japan. The game was later re-released on PlayStation 2 (2006) in the range Sega Ages , as well as download on Wii (2006), PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 (2009). These last two versions include an online game mode . Gunstar Heroes will be reissued on Nintendo 3DS in the 3D Classics series in 2015, with the addition of new game modes as well as the auto-stereoscopic 3D feature .

Gunstar Heroes is a side scrolling shooter game. The player has four weapons to choose from, which can be combined in pairs to create an additional 10 weapons, out of a total of 14. In addition to weapons, the player can approach enemies in combat at close range. It is possible to grab and shoot enemies, perform attacks during run and jump and a long range creep.

Unlike most games of the genre, the player has a total hit points calculated in numbers. The death of a player requires several blows, but only one death will give the option to continue from the beginning of the level or end the game. Players have unlimited continues. The main highlight of the game are encounters with bosses , who often feature large enemies composed of various sprites , allowing fluid movement.

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