Tekken 3






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The fighters are wonderfully made & if you know how to use them, real ass kickers

My favorite Tekken hero(King, half jaguar, half man, all wrestler)favorite Tekken neutrality(Yoshimitsu, half machine, half man, all warrior)and favorite Tekken villain (Nina Williams, half hottie, half scorned woman, all assassin)are featured here. Yep, you got it. The top 3 coolest fighters(in my opinion)all get a great role in this game

You can see bursts of energy and blood coming out whenever you hit your opponent

The sound effects, music and noises the characters make are damn near perfect

The graphics, while I’d prefer them 3-D not 2-D, are still very good for a game that was made in the 1990s and I would never want them taken away for that reason

There are a lot of other great fighters too, such as Gun Jack(he’s really powerful and his only weakness is not being too fast)and there are fighters even better than he, such as Jin Kazama and Paul Phoenix(who by the way are both AMONG my favorites, they rock so much!)and Hwoarang, who’s not as good as Gun Jack but still rocks big

The final boss, Ogre/True Ogre(I count him as two villains)looks to be very powerful and very difficult to defeat, but there’s a special trick to defeat him as though you were teaching a tired cat to yawn: You just gotta play as King and kick the s*** out of him. Trust me, I’ve done it twice. You fight Ogre as King, he’s got no hope. Period

There is a very cool gold and lightning backround surrounding the red sign that will say “You are the champion” if you win the game. Not to mention the credits will give you a free replay of your victories against your opponents & how you defeated them

Finally, for the last pro, other cool characters than the ones mentioned are here(they are not as cool as King, Yoshimitsu, Nina, Jin, Bryan Fury, who’s also here, Paul, Gun Jack, Heihachi Mishima, the second to last boss, Hwoarang, Kazuya Mishima, here without first mention, or Lei Wulong, who also is here without the first mention, but they still really, really rock and I love them all) They include Anna Willaims, a great villain who not only is better than Ogre but also Nina’s sister, Julia Chang, a good looking woman and a skilled fighter, but she really has got to do something about her hair, Eddy Gordo, a really cool 50-Cent like hero who dresses in yellow & green, Forest Law, brother of the awesome Marshall Law who he’s just as fast & skilled as, Kuma, a cool looking grizzly bear fighter who really knows how to bring down the house(literally)and Panda, her brother is Kuma and she is cute if not a little bit of a softie. Oh well, she’s a pretty decent fighter if you know how to use her. Nuff said

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