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In most Mario games we hear of Princess Peach getting kidnapped and being held by Bowser. Mario and Luigi try to save them from their Mario world which seems different than our world. We usually think of Mario as more of the hero than Luigi. However, in this game it is Mario that was kidnapped and it is up to Luigi to save him and the real world from Bowser taking over by stealing famous artifacts from worldwide attractions and melting the ice in Antarctica to flood the real world. I’ve only played the Super NES version. The whole game is Luigi going into 3 different rooms with a different enemy waiting for Luigi to finish all those rooms. Each room has 5 doors, you enter any one of those doors and it takes you to a different part of the world. The images they have of the parts of the world you are at are great, I mean they do a pretty good job in drawing the kind of culture in that area and Luigi can run down different streets, so it almost gives you a feeling as if you’re really there. In each world level, you see the same people which aren’t Mario characters and you can talk to them, as you’ll need to find out where you are to get Yoshi you’ll use to scare Pokey, and the people can also help you with answers about the artifacts you’re returning. Each world has 3 artifacts that were stolen and you find them by jumping on the right koopalings and then picking it up, returning to those “I buildings” which I heard stands for Information Booths. You’ll see the same lady waiting in all 3 of them which I’ve heard people referring to her as the princes. The building for the attraction is closed because of the stolen artifact. Once you have it, rather then just handing it to her, you’ll have to answer two of the questions she asks right. If you get it wrong, you’ll have to wait sometime before you can ask again. You can find out all you need to know for the games attractions by talking to the people in the community and more so looking at the newspapers in the store when you ask why it’s closed, as most likely you won’t know all these answers yourself. After answering them correctly, the store opens and you get to see each one of those main attractions, as they are great pictures of real life attractions.
I like this game, because again while it doesn’t have the same type of action other Mario games has, it’s a fun way to educate yourself even teaching me, a college graduate about some of the main attractions in different parts of the world. I wish they even did more parts of the world. It’s great to learn about things, and this game makes this education process fun. It would have been more popular if Luigi could have died and if there was more action in the game, but this is still a great game in educating yourself if you’re looking for a fun way to educate yourself on Geography. It’s nice how the game has all the answers. So, I’d recommend anybody who is looking for a fun way to educate themselves on Geography to play this game. I’ll give it 4/5 stars as I like the game a lot, but it would have been better if it had more action, and not just so many long things of staying in each city you’re in.

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