Advanced Variable Geo 2

Poverty waifu fighter on PS1 made by TGL in 1998. It is the sequel to the first Advanced V.G., released on PC-Engine in 1994 (and ported in various consoles later), which itself was a reboot to the original Variable Geo, released on PC-98 in 1993. The series has gone a long way since its rough start and TGL has finally delivered a solid, playable and fun fighting game in the form of Advanced V.G. 2. It is worth noting that for a series known for its pervy origins, this game is very light on fanservice and so has no H-scene at all.As its time release might hint, it doesn’t play like a typical “anime” game but more like a mid-90s Capcom/SNK game. Its mechanics are more reminiscent of Street Fighter Alpha and Real Bout Fatal Fury than say Guilty Gear. If you like slower paced poke-heavy fighting games, high damage combos and 90s-style waifus, this is for you.

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