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Wolverine Adamantium Rage

wolverine adamantium rage

wolverine adamantium rage

Wolverine: Adamantium Rage is a platform-action video game released for both the Super NES and the Sega Genesisin 1994. The Genesis version was published by Acclaim and developed by Teeny Weeny Games, while the Super NES version had LJN as the publisher, and Bits Studios as the development studio. Both versions of the title were developed separately and differed from one another in some key areas, but their opening storyline and gameplay remain similar. It’s one of the first video games to feature a recharging health system. though Wolverine has been able to recharge his health in previous X-Men games.

The Super NES version follows Wolverine as he receives a mysterious transmission via computer. Someone or something has information about his past and arranges for them to meet at an undisclosed location in Canada. It’s here where the game’s first stage begins: a laboratory teeming with armed guards and sentry robots.

The Genesis version has a narrative that is a little more vague in its presentation. Wolverine is shown holding a photograph of someone from his past, and expresses his desire for revenge. He is then sent a message via computer that shows him the procedure that he underwent which bonded adamantium to his bones. It’s at this point where the same laboratory level begins without much explanation as to why, or how Wolverine got there. The instruction manual says the computer message directs him to the Weapon X Laboratory.

The rest of both games see Wolverine chasing down details to his past while meeting and battling several villains along the way. Bosses include Albert, The Hunter from Darkness, Sabretooth (missing in the Super NES version), Lady Deathstrike, Cyber, Shinobi Shaw, Bloodscream and Trevor Fitzroy.

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