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Mario Advanced 4 – Super Mario Bros 3

super mario advanced 4 - super mario bros 3

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Super Mario Bros 3 is critically acclaimed to be one of the greatest games of all time (if not, THE greatest game of all time). And for good reason. Back in the the NES’ heyday, Super Mario 3 offered some of the most impressive graphics the NES had to offer, great music, sharp controls, great gamepley and fantastic game structure involving all new worlds that people NEVER would have even imagined in a Mario game. I mean, a large world where all the enemies are 4X their size as well as other objects? A pipe world filled to capacity with pipes galore? A battle ship world taking Mario onto Bower’s floating gunship? It was all amazing. …for its time. These days, you’d be hard pressed to find a 12 year old who would be as impressed with this game as we were at that age. This of course considering all the newer 3D Mario games that have been released in the last 15 or so years. Not to also mention other Mario takes, such as the Mario Kart games and Olympic and slew of sports games. While it’s great that we get to relive this Mario classic, it’s the contemporary update that seems to me will hinder it more than help its cause. Not only this, but the controls don’t seem to mesh well on the game boy advance smaller control scheme or the Nintendo DS’s (depending on which system you’re using to play this game).

In this game you will find both the classic Super Mario 3 as well as the arcade and NES classic Mario Bros. This old game pits a very (at the time) unknown Mario and his green brother Luigi (who I’m not even sure was even named when this game was originally released in the mid-80’s). They play one level after another jumping on platforms and bumping the bottoms of where foes walk on after being emitted from 2 pipes at the top of the screen. If you can rack up as many points as possible without being hit, you advance. The levels were virtually endless, and as levels went on, more enemies came out and more obstacles came in your way. While playing this game again brought back great memories, I was left upset that these weren’t the ORIGINAL versions that I played as a kid. There are graphical updates and various sound enhancements which, while cute, had me longing to play the original game in all its glory. The newer version is put there as an attempt to adhere to a newer generation, but unfortunately the gameplay is just too old-school for any young kid to really appreciate, let alone have the patience to play through the entire game. Mario Bros. may keep them entertained but again, the old style I do not believe will be something new kids will really want. On top of this, I believe the updates will also turn off old-school gamers, the ones who will buy this in the hopes of reliving their beloved classic. Too many updates just take you out of the moment, keep you from that nostalgia. I believe there should have either been an option to replay the classic NON-updated version of both games as well as the newer games, or just put these classics on here without ANY updates whatsoever.

I personally found myself at first upset that I was not able to relieve the classic games in all their classic glory, but also just found myself a little bored about a few levels in. With all the newer Mario games on the market, I would recommend just picking this one up as a collector’s item. And judging from the age, this game now IS collector’s item considering its rarity.

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