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LEGO – Star Wars 2 – The Original Trilogy

Lego Star Wars 2

Play Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy Gameboy Advance GBA with Online Emulator

Since Lego Star Wars II is on eight different systems, there’s no reason you can’t experience it. Sadly, the handheld versions get the short end of the stick. The DS version had several bugs and glitches, and the GBA version just doesn’t get enough of the game to go around. The PSP version is the lone exception, being very identical to the console versions in almost everyway. The GBA version is certainly better than many people give it credit for, but it’s unfair to compare it to the console versions or even the DS version. The GBA can hold its own quite well, though.

You’ll play through all three episodes of the original Star Wars trilogy. All of them made up entirely of Legos. You’ll see some classic moments, and some of them just look really good. Even though the GBA version plays on an isometric, it still works out rather well as a whole. The game looks good, and runs pretty smoothly on the GBA. There aren’t a whole lot of things to interact with in the environment, but it does look good, none the less.

Mostly you’ll play on foot, and you’ll engage in fire fights and melee fights (if you’re a jedi). These fights are rather simple and fun, but there’s not nearly as much variety to them on the GBA. Still, for the most part, the game is fun, and that’s what really counts.

The game has several levels on foot, but also focuses on vehicles and such as well. You’ll find yourself in the X-Wing and Snowspeeder, for example, to destroy the Death Star and do battle on the ice world of Hoth. Almost a third of these levels are in vehicles. As you progress through the game you’ll also be able to unlock more characters. The purpose of unlocking more characters is to go back into an already completed level and engage in freeplay mode. Some of your unlocked characters can access things in freeplay mode that you otherwise couldn’t in story mode.

The music isn’t so bad. John Williams score coming out of your GBA speaker actually sounds good. It sounds better when it comes from your Nintendo DS than it does the GBA, though (since the Nintendo DS plays GBA games in surround sound), but for the most part, it sounds pretty good for what the GBA can handle. The sound effects such as light sabers and blasters actually sound perfect.

The GBA version of Lego Star Wars II is grand and good for on the go, but as I mentioned, the handheld version gets the short end of the stick. You might want to grab this on one of the consoles instead simply because the GBA doesn’t hold as many extras as the console versions. It’s a great game for the GBA, but it’s not nearly as expansive as it could’ve been.

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