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Golden Sun


Golden Sun is a 2001 role-playing video game developed by Camelot Software Planning and published by Nintendo. It was released in August 2001 for Nintendo’s Game Boy Advance, and is the first installment in the Golden Sun series. The game is notable for certain distinctive game elements, such as the use of special “Djinn” that empower the player and can be used against enemies.

Golden Suns story follows a band of magic-attuned “Adepts” whose purpose, as it is revealed early on, is to protect the world of Weyard from alchemy, a potentially destructive power that was sealed away long ago. During their quest, the Adepts gain new abilities (called Psynergy), assist others, and learn more about why alchemy was sealed away. It was followed by a sequel titled The Lost Age, which takes place immediately after the events of the first game but focuses on the perspectives of the antagonists.

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